How to Become a Real Estate Agent in India in 2024

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in India in 2024

Becoming a real estate agent in India is a great journey and one that comes with many rewards especially as the market keeps growing in 2024. If you ever have had a dream to work in an occupation that combines passion, good income and helping others buy their dream homes, then this is probably your best article. This blog guide will walk you through the steps to make the real estate dream a reality.

Understanding the Role of a Real Estate Agent

So, what exactly does a real estate agent do? In simple terms, he or she helps clients buy, sell or rent
properties. But that’s not all there is to it. You must possess adequate listening and communication skills, be good at negotiation and have some interest towards assisting people. Just picture yourself as an intermediary who joins families with their desired homes or investors with profitable estates.

Educational Requirements

One doesn’t need much education to start out as a real estate agent; nevertheless , having high school level education is important . Generally speaking, it only requires a high school diploma to get started on this profession . Nevertheless, undertaking courses like those related to real estate , business administration or finance can give you an upper hand . Other certifications are also available like the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) certification, which can enhance your credibility, professionalism and knowledge.

Legal Requirements

In India as well as in few other countries taking license is must to work as a real estate agent. One of the
most important requirements of the RERA Act is that all agents will have to register themselves under the
RERA of their respective states. This means that you are legally allowed to perform the job and that you can work under certain ethical principles. It is always important to know the legalities so as to be on the safe side.

Gaining Experience

On the job experience is the best kind of experience. It is probably best to begin with the intern-level jobs or junior roles at the more established real estate companies. This is not only helpful in understanding dynamics in the market but also gain insights from experienced individuals in real estate.

Building Your Network

In real estate, it is essential to have access to right individuals, as well as have the knowledge. Having
sufficient trusted network can lead to plethora of opportunities. Try to visit real estate events, join Facebook groups, and introduce yourself to these connections. Also, note that having good connections is like having a partner that can help advance your professional growth.

Focus on niche segment

You can be a real estate agent who manages all kind of properties but focussing on a niche segment like
luxury estates, commercial estates, rented accommodation is more advantageous. By narrowing down on a given segment of real estate – be it luxury or premium housing, corporate estate facilities, or rentals – you become the trusted professional in that category. Think about being among the top names that pop up in the mind of a person choosing luxury or premium real estate.

Marketing Yourself

Nowadays, people are what they advertise – it’s all about personal branding. If possible one should create
professional website and actively engage on social media especially on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram
and demonstrate you expertise through posts, reels, blogs or videos. It may be helpful to view oneself as a product that must be adequately promoted in order to interest potential customers.

Using Technology in Real Estate

Being tech-savvy is no longer optional; it’s a necessity for professionals. Familiarise yourself with tools and
platforms that can streamline your work. From virtual tours to CRM systems, technology can enhance your property management efficiency and client experience. Mansionia is one such platform where you not only list your managed properties for exposure but also use their technology tools like CRM to manage leads and conversations. Just signup with an account and become a technology enabled real estate agent with them – Signup Here

Joining Professional Associations

Trade associations provide additional benefits above mere recognition. They help in building new contacts, offer information and keep members updated on the current trends in the trade. Professional bodies such as the NAR or IREAA are ideal for real estate agents.

Looking For a Best Real Estate Or Property Websites In India

Further Education and Training Development

Education should always be continuous. You can try to monitor the market more attentively, legal
amendments, and changes in industry standards. Seek additional education or training in order to enhance your knowledge and expertise .

Understanding the Market

A professional real estate agent must understand the industry and the local area thoroughly. You should aim to keep yourself updated about the trends, prices of properties, and economic conditions that may impact the market. This will enable you to offer better advice to your clients.

Ethical Practices

Ethical standards are the core of any career. Always put the clients’ interests first, be truthful and transparent with real estate clients. Ethical behaviour also fosters trust and positive reputation within the industry.

Working with Mansionia

Mansionia is a leading platform that connects buyers and sellers of luxury homes and property and provides the ultimate seller dashboard that makes you stand out. Mansionia offers its clients access to a large arsenal of tools and resources to make managing their properties as productive and effective as possible. Our platform helps you reach a niche and wealthy luxury audience and establish your professional identity like never before.

Each agent who registers receives his or her own profile page that he or she can share with clients or post to WhatsApp groups, which shows all the properties that you are managing. This personalisation also goes a long way in establishing your credibility and solidifying your rapport with clients. Additionally, as a
Mansionia member, you get a high-quality CRM included in your package – something that other platforms require you to pay additionally for.

By using Mansionia you are not simply putting up properties for sale but you are advancing the progression of your real estate career


The path to becoming a real estate agent in India in 2024 is going to be an exhilarating and potentially very lucrative experience. If you work hard and gain the necessary skills and knowledge, it’s possible to make a career in this exciting and promising field. Homes are not just a product but hold a significant emotional choice. Thus remember that the objective is not only to sell properties but also to fulfil dreams for clients.


1. How to Become a Real Estate Agent in India?

The first step is to complete your basic education and relevant real estate courses and then obtain certifications.

2. Am I required to get a license in order to become a real estate agent in India?

Yes, a license is required under the RERA Act, 2016 for real estate agents to operate in India.

3. How do I market myself as a new agent?

Making connections, branding yourself, and using technology can get your work in front of more people.

4. Why is it important to become a member of a real estate association?

Membership of professional associations gives access to professional contacts, information, and other helpful career tools.

5. In what ways can Mansionia assist me as a real estate professional?

Mansionia is a subscription based premium & luxury real estate site and provides the seller with a complete dashboard and free access to CRM in order to help you efficiently reach and contact high-end clients.

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